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  • How to Identify the Quality of Corrugated Aluminum Panels
    Corrugated aluminum panels are a new type of green and environmentally friendly decorative building material, suitable for airports, subway stations, and other public buildings. The emergence of corrugated aluminum panels has solved the environmental pollution problems in the construction industry.
  • Six Measures to Prevent Oxidation and Corrosion of Aluminum Coils
    How to Prevent Oxidation and Corrosion when storage Aluminum Coils,many customers encounter issues with oxidation and corrosion of aluminum coils due to improper storage or handling after purchase. To help you avoid such problems, we will discuss six effective measures to prevent oxidation and corrossion.
  • Classification and Applications of Aluminum Sheets with Different Surface Finishes
    Aluminum Sheets with Different Surface FinishesAluminum sheets are widely used in various industries today, with mirror-finish aluminum sheets and brushed aluminum sheets being particularly popular. So, what are the classifications and applications of aluminum sheets with different surface finishes?
  • Advantages of Using Aluminum Sheets Blanks for Highway Traffic Signs
    Aluminum Sheets for Highway Traffic SignsWhen it comes to the materials used for making highway traffic signs, there are several options available such as acrylic sheets, stainless steel plates, and glass. However, many companies prefer to use aluminum sheets for the higway traafic signs.
  • Advantages and Applications of Anodized Aluminum Sheets
    More About Anodized Aluminum SheetsAnodized aluminum sheets is aluminum sheets surface been treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish, the layer of anodized aluminum will never chip, flake, or peel off, and it is much more durable than any other similar material on the market.
  • Introduction for Aluminum Magnesium Manganese Roofing
    In recently years, the aluminum magnesium manganese roofing are very popular in building constructions roofing, and the demands for it increased a lot, beacuse of their beautiful appearance, light texture, easy processing, durability and recyclability. Al-Mg-Mn (Aluminum magnesium manganese ) alloy plate is widely used in building roofs such as houses, commercial facilities, large shopping centers.
  • About Aluminum Coil with Polysulyn Moisture Barrier
    The aluminum coil with polysulyn moisture Barrier also called aluminum roll jacketing for insulation, it is produced by heating equipments firstly then composite polysurlyn film on the aluminum coil surface, in this way, the aluminum coil will not be cracked for 24 hours with water moisture, and e
  • 2024 Dragon Year With Opportunities and Challenges for Us
    As we entered to 2024, as an aluminum sheets and plates supplier and manufacturer in China, we are excited to continue expanding our product offerings and services. We commited to innovate our aluminum sheets, aluminum coil, aluminum plates products to m
  • Two Containers of Aluminum Circles Have Quality Inspection before Delivery
    Rcently, our company send the quality inspection deparment workers come to production line and the warehouse to do the inspection and control of product quality,
  • Types And Functions of Color Coating Aluminum Coils
    Color-coated aluminum coils are the surface coating and coloring treatment of aluminum plates or aluminum coils. The commonly coated aluminum coils are fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum coils and polyester color-coated aluminum coils. They are widely used for Veneer, aluminum honeycomb panels, alum
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