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Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Perforated aluminum consists of an aluminum sheet which has been manually or mechanically pierced or punched using CNC punching,carved, engraved or laser cutting in order to produce shapes and patterns of various sizes. Perforated metal panels are utilized by architects today for a wide range of purposes, including acoustic panels, decorative lighting fixtures, signage, and industrial filtration screens.Aluminum is simple to install since it is lightweight, strong, and very flexible. In addition, aluminum, like stainless steel, offers a superior visual appeal, making it very attractive for applications that need sound and light diffusion. And we can produce perforated aluminum metal sheets with different colors by powder coating. A powder coating is applied to the surface of aluminum perforated sheets, which makes the surface looks more beautiful and enhances the surface corrosion resistance. We can create a patterned holes, slots, or decorative shapes for perforated aluminum sheets, thus they are generally used for cladding purposes and industrial applications.

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