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Embossed Aluminum Sheet Coil

Embossed aluminum sheet coil is a kind of aluminum product which is formed a variety of decorative patterns after rolling process on the surface of the aluminum coil, the decorative patterns normally are:  orange peel aluminum pattern, rhombic, diamond, five-bar, water drops, round dots, wooden grain ect, embossed aluminum  coil is widely used in roofing, building, curtain wall, freezer, interior decoration, ceilings. The color-coated embossed aluminum sheet coil we can produce too, the embossed aluminum sheets coil surface by coated with one or several layers of polyester, fluorocarbon and varnish through the roller coater, makes the surface looks more colorful and beautiful, also it more anit-corrison in air and water. At present, our company produces thickness of Stucco Embossed aluminum sheet coil is between 0.2mm-1.0mm, width is usually 1000mm or 1220mm, the length can be coil or sheets according to customer's requirement.

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