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Diamond Aluminum Checker Plate

Diamond aluminum checker plate, also called as aluminum tread plates and referred to as deck plate or floor plate, it is a product that has a raised pattern or texture on one side with the reverse side being smooth for slip resistance.  Diamond aluminum checker plate is most commonly used on metal stairs to provide increased traction, the most popular types of metal used for diamond plate are aluminum, diamond plate patterns are also used on rubber floor mats to help improve comfort and reduce fatigue in workspaces that require extended periods of standing. Diamond Aluminium checker plate has different patterns and alloy grades The common types of aluminum checker plates are 1060 aluminum tread plate, 3003 aluminum tread plate and 5052 aluminium tread plate.The common patterns of aluminum tread plate are one bar, two bar, three bar and five bar alumium tread plate. The five bar aluminum tread plate also has two types: large five bar and small five bar. Other patterns are diamond, tear drops, melon seeds, needle, orange peel and etc.

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