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Who We Are

Hunan Green House Aluminum Co., Ltd modern aluminum processing enterprise, the main products are aluminum coil, Sheet, medium and thick plate, aluminum round circle and disk, also aluminum strip, color coated aluminium.etc.
The annual output is more than 200,000 tons, We are not only being able to offer our clients with the best quality products and competitive prices, but also provide the best solution for aluminum product procurement.We have established long-term business relationships with customers in many countries and regions.

Our Advantage Products

The max width of aluminum coil reaches 2650mm, and the quality can satisfy international Standards.
DC AND CC grade aluminium sheets ,coils, circles are availabe.
Aluminum mirror sheet, aluminum checker plates and embossed sheets, aluminum sublimation sheets and colour coated aluminum various colors and patterns

Why Choose Us?

 Save your time and reduce your cost with us
Because we have rich experices in aluminum sheets industry, we understand well customers needs and requirements, then use a easy and quicklycommunication with customer and provide their a good price offer based on qualified products.

 Safe payment Trade Assurance Supplier in China
Nothing is safter than a reliable supplier when you decide to confirm a new order,We are credited by Alibaba and CCPIT as Trade Assurance Supplier In China

Quote competitive prices based on qualified products
We know every customer wants competive prices to win in market competition, more over, customers also expect to get qualified products to avoid any complaints from their users. We always pay high attention for the both in ordering.

Qualification Certificates

Successful cases

Hunan Green House Aluminum Industry Co Ltd Has Helped Customers With 
Their aluminum Solutions From More Than 120 Countries Or Areas All Over The World.
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