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Six Measures to Prevent Oxidation and Corrosion of Aluminum Coils

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How to Prevent Oxidation and Corrosion when storage Aluminum Coils

Many customers encounter issues with oxidation and corrosion of aluminum coils due to improper storage or handling after purchase. To help you avoid such problems, we will discuss six effective measures to prevent oxidation and corrosion of aluminum coils.

1. Provide qualified water-proof package

Firstly, a dense waterproof film is employed to pack the aluminum sheet securely to prevent the aluminum sheet exposed to the moisture in the air. Several bags of silica gel should be included inside the packaging of aluminum sheets to guarantee the internal dryness for the aluminum plate, avoiding any contact with liquids to prevent oxidation or corrosion. For export units using wooden crates or other wood-based packaging materials, ensure that the wood products are dried, fumigated with good strongness.

2.Optimal Storage Environment

The aluminum coils or sheets should be stored in an environment with normal air quality with good condition of ventilation. Avoid storing them in damp or humid conditions, the wet or bad quality air will cause aluminum surface become more faster oxidated or rusted.

3. Sealed Packaging for Storage

After processing the aluminum coils in the warehouse, it is recommended to check if the package of aluminum sheets broken or not. If the package broken, the moisture or dust will enter inside of package makes the aluminum sheets become oxidated. After open the package of aluminum sheets or coil, the product should be use out as soon as possible.


The above measures provide a guide on preventing oxidation and corrosion of aluminum coils. These suggestions aim at helping you maintain the aluminum sheets and aluminum coils, we hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

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