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About Aluminum Coil with Polysulyn Moisture Barrier

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  The aluminum coil with polysulyn moisture Barrier also called aluminum roll jacketing for insulation, it is produced by heating equipments firstly then composite polysurlyn film on the aluminum coil surface, in this way, the aluminum coil will not be cracked for 24 hours with water moisture, and enhances the life of aluminum rolls for the pipes insulation. Now we talk something about this insulation aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture barrier: 

1)    Specifications of aluminum coil with moisture barrier:

The thickness of the polysurlyn film is 0.076 mm, and the weight per square meter is 0.08 kg. After laminated on the aluminum coil, you cannot tear it off with your hands.

The thickness of aluminum coil is generally 0.3mm-2.0mm, and width between 800mm-1300mm. Alloys generally use 1100, 1060, 3003, 3004, 3104, 5052 materials.

2)    Application of aluminum coil with moisture barrier:

Because the iron does not have a rust -proof effect, in recent years, the international and China markets already using polysurlyn laminated aluminum coil replace the iron sheet as pipeline insulation matrials. It also can be use in oil station, tanks, power station as insulation materials.

3)    Types of aluminum coil with moisture barrier

There are some aluminum alloy coils are used for produce aluminum coil with polysurlyn, such as 1060 series (pure aluminum),  3003 series (anti –rust aluminum) , 5052 series (corrosion resistance aluminum) and other series.

Rcently years, especially the Middle East countries, customers are mainly use 3003 series aluminum coil jacketing with polysurlyn.

Alloys: 1060,3003, 5052

Temper: H14 or H24

Coil weight: about 2tons of large rolls (505mm inner diameter, outer diameter of about 1.1 meters),

Small roll length we can produce 50m or 30m per roll. (About 300mm roll diameter)

Width: 914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm (or other special widthes can be customized)

4)    Advantages of aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture barrier:

Hunan Green House Aluminum Industry Co Ltd provide good quality aluminum roll jacketing by use A00 aluminum ingot as the raw material to ensure the quality of aluminum coils with polysurlyn in good flatness, beauty colors, without color difference, no scratches and good bending performance.

5) Our factory advantages for aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture barrier :

1. In time delivery under 25days for the normally orders.

2. Control size and weight tolerances follow the standard GB/T3880-2012 and ASTM B209

3. Before the delivery, the detailed invoice, packing list, test certificate and products pictures will be provided to customer.

4. Strong wooden pallets in exporting standard packages to protect goods well during delivery and shipment.

Generally speaking, by using aluminum roll jacketing with polysurlyn is a good choice for your insulation project, if you have any demand for it welcome to contact us freely get more technical datas.

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