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Quality problems using the aluminum circles

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Aluminum discs are widely used in the production of kitchenware, and often encounter such problems in the process of spinning or deep-drawn production.

1. Spinning cracking problem. Aluminum rounds in the spinning process, due to the emergence of grit, impurities, or metal embedded in the reason will cause cracking, cracked edge, which will waste a lot of time and cost of workers. Aluminum discs produced by scrap will often encounter such problems.

2. Orange peel problem. During the spinning process, the finished pot surface sometimes is not smooth and needs to be polished. The main reason is that the grain size of aluminum wafers is secondary or the head and tail of the material are not completely removed during the production process of aluminum wafers.

3. Surface oxidation. Although the aluminum disc has good rust resistance, if the aluminum disc gets rain or water during the storage or transportation process, the surface is very easy to get oxidation. It will affect the beauty of kitchenware. So the packaging must be tight and also need to put enough desiccant.

4. Weight shortage. The packaging of the aluminum round is a wooden pallet. Usually, the weight of each pallet is about 1000kg to 1500kg. According to the international standard, the weight tolerance is +/- 3‰. But due to the scale difference and the packing weight, many factories will be short of 5KGS to 10KGS per pallet.

Please discuss with the supplier in timely if you have any one of these problems, we are an professional aluminum circle manufacturer and may help you if you have any needs.

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