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Introduction for Aluminum Magnesium Manganese Roofing

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In recently years, the aluminum magnesium manganese roofing are very popular in building constructions roofing, and the demands for it increased a lot, beacuse of their beautiful appearance, light texture, easy processing, durability and recyclability. Al-Mg-Mn (Aluminum magnesium manganese ) alloy plate is widely used in building roofs such as houses, commercial facilities, large shopping centers. 

We can understand what it is from the name, it means the aluminum coil with alloy's composition of magnesium, and manganese, this kind of aluminum alloy sheets with high anti- corrosion for moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather, then aluminum-magnesium rolls are favored in various large-span metal roof structures, and the aluminum roofing metal surface should be with color coated by fluorocarbon color coated (PVDF coating) to protect aluminum roofing sheets anti-UV rays and anti-rust extend the life of aluminum magnesium manganese roofing. 

Typical alloy:A3004、A5052、A5754;

Typical width:575mm、578mm、580mm、595mm、600mm、1000mm,According to customer requirements, slitting to any width;

Typical thickness:0.7mm、0.8mm、0.9mm、1.0mm、1.2mm;

Conventional coating: PVDF2 coating 25-28 microns, 3 coating 35-38 microns, common silver gray, bright silver, champagne silver, pure white, hammer embossing, etc.

Al-Mg-Mn (Aluminum magnesium manganese ) alloy aluminum plate is a costly worth as the roofing material. The density of aluminum is 2.73g/cm, which is about 1/3 weight of steel. Therefore, compared with color steel, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plates are lighter in weight and it's not easy get rusted by rain or sunshine, therefore, it is the most favorable metal roofing materials in nowdays. 

Our factory can produce good quality aluminum metal roof sheets in different sizes and shapes, we have our own roofing metal fabrication machines and our own color coating lines to control qualityof aluminum roofing sheets, the delivery time also fast usually in 2-3weeks and samples can be provided to you test before ordering. If you are looking for the super quality alloy aluminum metal roofing systerm please just call us or shoot us an e-mail, we will back to you with more details. 

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