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How to Check the Quality of Aluminum Circles

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Aluminum Circles are very important materials for manufacturers of cookwares and kitchenwares. Every manufacturer who produces non-stick pans and pressure cookers wants to use aluminum circles in very good quality. In fact, the most important thing is to how to see the quality of the aluminum circle is good? If the quality of the aluminum Circle is good, then they can be make out good quality products.

1. The first is to look at the surface of the aluminum circles. Good quality round aluminum plate has no deformation, scratches, cracks, yellow spots, and other phenomena. In fact, the second is to check whether the surface color of aluminum alloy circles has different shades of color. If there is a color difference that means the quality is not up to par.

2. Chemical Composition: through a professional spectral analyzer, you can detect the chemical composition of aluminum discs. Then compare it with the standard GB/T3880-2012 or standard ASTM B209. We must make sure that each chemical element is within the scope of the standard requirements.

3. Mechanical properties. The tensile strength and mechanical properties of aluminum rounds are tested by a tensile testing machine to ensure that the tensile strength and elongation of aluminum rounds meet the standard. If the mechanical properties are not up to standard, it is easy to have a broken problem during the stamping and spinning process. It will waste a lot of time and material costs in the production department. Aluminum Circle 1050-O tensile strength is generally in 60Mpa to 100Mpa; elongation is about 35%. The aluminum circle 1050 H12 tensile strength is generally around 100Mpa and elongation is around 10%.

4. Granularity Testing. Different manufacturers have different requirements for grain size. According to international standards, most factories control the grain size above the second level, while some large factories require the grain size to be the first level. This can ensure the customer in the production of kitchenware process, the finished rate of aluminum wafers to be 98% or even 100% qualified.

In addition, the staff needs to use professional measuring tools when testing aluminum discs. Because the aluminum discs are very thin. If the measurement tool has the slightest defect will have a certain degree of impact on the measurement results. Therefore, the accuracy of the aluminum discs must be tested by using intact measuring tools.

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